Martial Arts

Award winning kids classes

Unlike most school physical health programs or team sport that to cater to the most athletic and naturally gifted children, our program fosters a safe and positive environment for all children who decide to embark on their martial arts journey. Our award winning program is guaranteed to build self esteem, self confidence, self discipline, and the ability to say no to unhealthy peer pressure. Our main goal is to have every child leave each exciting class with the feeling of being a world champion within themselves.

Your child will not only learn the ABC’s of Self Defense, but more importantly, the ABC’s of Life- Attitude, Behavior and Character. Mastering these fundamentals will enable them to achieve their fullest potential and fulfill their dreams and goals.

Adult & Family Classes

A Team Leach, families that kick together stick together is our motto.

Olympic Tae Kwon Do & Sport Karate Training

Private Lessons / Executive Training
Private lessons are available for those looking for one on one attention. We also provide executive training for adult students looking to learn martial arts and get in shape! If interested please contact the school for more information.

Master Bobby Leach

Master Bobby Leach

Head Instructor

Karate can be practiced as an art, self defense or as a combat sport. Traditional karate places emphasis on self-development.

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On Tuesday or Thursday from 6:00pm-6:45pm
On Monday or Wednesday from 6:00pm-6:45pm